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A Research Study Involving Archives Blogs

  • 02 Apr 2021 9:43 AM
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    Research Study: Developing a Successful Special Collections and Archives Blog

    (survey link:


    Many institutions and individuals who work with special collections, rare books and archival materials manage blogs dedicated to these topics. This study examines the following main research question: How can we develop a successful special collections and archives blog? 


    The secondary research questions are:

    1.     What kind of work is required to develop and manage a blog?

    2.     Are blogs effective and how is their success measured? 


    Please participate in this study if you work with, or focus on, special collections, rare books and archival materials, and manage a blog dedicated to these topics, without commercial gain (for example, booksellers are excluded). The focus is on the blog and related processes, and not on the experience of individuals. Please obtain any required permissions from your institution before answering the survey questions. Your name and the name of your institution will be used in the dissemination of study results (articles, conference presentations, etc.), but only if you and your institution agree. 


    The survey will require between 20 and 60 minutes to fill out, depending on the length of your responses. If you do not wish to answer a question, please enter "N/A" in the text response box. You have the option to take a break and return to the survey later, using the same link (you will be returned to the page where you left off). Please submit your survey responses by April 30, 2021.

    Benefits of the study: the study results will help understand the kind of work that goes into developing and managing a successful blog, and will provide examples of best practices that can be applied in the fields of special collections, rare books and archives.


    Raw data will only be accessed by the study author and will not be shared with others. There is no anticipated destruction date for the data.


    By taking this survey, you agree to participate in the study. Thank you for your participation! 


    Francesca Marini, PhD
    Associate Professor, Programming and Outreach Librarian
    Cushing Memorial Library and Archives
    Texas A&M University Libraries
    5000 TAMU
    College Station, Texas 77843
    (1) 979-458-7887

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