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SSA is Formed – Historic Audio

This file is the first of four sides of audio recordings made May 5, 1972 at a meeting at the University of Texas at Arlington to organize the Society of Southwest Archivists. Voices are presumed to include the individuals described in the following news clipping.

Audio courtesy University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections, transferred to SSA Archives and preserved by Benna Vaughn, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

Clipping from the Arlington Daily News, Monday, May 8, 1972, courtesy of the SSA Archives, Baylor University:

“Historical Meeting—The first meeting of the Southwestern Archives Society was held recently at the University of Texas at Arlington. Among those in attendance were, left to right, Dr. Edwin A. Davis, managing editor of the “Louisiana Historian” at Louisiana State University; John M .Kinney, director of the Texas State Archives; Samuel A. Sizer, curator of special collections at the University of Arkansas; Robert L. Clark, Jr., archivist for the state of Oklahoma, and Ivan D. Eyler, regional director of the National Archives and Records Service in Fort Worth.”

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