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This user-submitted research is being collected in response to the article "Poor Pay in Archives: How Top Archives Directors and Our National Organizations Are Failing Us" that appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of The Southwestern Archivist.

Any SSA member can drop files into this research folder, Archives Regional Salary Research

Some notes on the links and files below:

The database for the University of Arizona is for the years 2017-2018. It’s important to note that only 5 employees show up as “archivist” (only one of these being in the Library Special Collections) but there are many other (lower paid) archivists that are given the title “Curatorial/Museum Specialist) or Librarian titles. For example, we have an early career archivist making $35,000 under the “Curatorial/Museum Specialist” title. So you really have to know keywords to search for in the database – and of course, not everyone with the title “Curatorial/Museum Specialist” is doing archival work, so that makes it even muddier.

There are similar databases for Arizona State University, and public employees of the State of Texas.

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