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Distinguished Service Award

The SSA’s Distinguished Service Award is presented to a member who has made significant contributions to the society and the wider archival profession. In 1996 Metal Edge, Inc., graciously began sponsoring the award.
The Distinguished Service Award recipient is chosen by the Executive Board based on recommendations made by a committee chaired by the last SSA president. It does not have to be given annually.

We welcome nominations. There is no nomination form. Instead, nominations should be made in a letter that covers the contributions the nominee has made to SSA and to the profession. To strengthen the nomination, letters of support are encouraged. Please send nominations to the chair of the Distinguished Service Award Committee. The next deadline for nominations is January 10, 2025.

Past Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2024 Jennifer Hecker

2023 Claudia Rivers

2022 Brenda McClurkin

2021 Kristy Sorensen
2020 Katie Salzmann
2019 Pati Threatt
2018 Amanda Focke
2017  Ann Hodges
2016  John Slate
2015  Carol Bartels
2014  Laura McLemore
2013  Tim Blevins
2012  Gerrianne Schaad
2011  Ellen K. Brown
2010  Shelly Kelly
2009  Brenda Gunn
2007  Kathlene Ferris
2006  Paul Scott
2005  Carol Mathias
2004  Kinga Perzynska (posthumously)
2003  Cindy Smolovik
2002  Michael McColgin
2001  Kim Allen Scott
2000  Alfred Lemmon
1999  Robert Schaadt
1998  Kent Keeth
1997  Cynthia Martin
1996  Nancy L. Boothe
1995  Leon C. Miller
1994  Toby Murray
1993  Robert S. Martin
1990  Jane Kenamore
1989  Janet Neugebauer
1988  David Murrah
1986  Patricia Meador
1985  Jack Haley
1984  Charles Schultz
1983  Audray Bateman
1982  Samuel L. Sizer
1981  V. Nelle Bellamy & Marietta Malzer
1978  David B. Gracy II
1977  A. Otis Hebert, Jr. (posthumously)

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