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 Immediate Past-President

 Robert Weaver

 Danielle Afsordeh

 Traci Patterson

 Carlos Varela

 Norie Guthrie

 Board Members 2023-2025

 Kaitlin D'Amico

 Mary Saffell

 Max Prud'homme

 Board Members 2024-2026

 Jelain Chubb

 Blake E. Relle

 Phoenix Smithey

 Committee Chairs

 Ad Hoc Committee on SSA Internships

 Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee

 Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee

 Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee 2025   
 Annual Meeting Program Committee  
 Annual Meeting Site Selection Committee


 Committee on State Partnerships and Outreach  
 Community Outreach Fund  
 Distinguished Service Award Committee  
 Diversity and Outreach Committee


 Finance Committee  
 Internet Outreach Committee
 Membership Committee  
 Nominating Committee  
 Professional Development Committee  
 Publications Committee/Editor  
 Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) Representative

 SAA Disaster Fund Committee Liaison

 Scholarships Committee

 SSA Archivist/Records Manager



 Robert Weaver

 Krista Hollis


 Danielle Afsordeh

 John Slate

 Kristy Sorensen

 Robert Weaver

 Norie Guthrie

 Amanda Kowalski

 Traci Patterson

 Perla Camacho-Cedillo

 Blake Relle

 David Olmos

 Phoenix Smithey

 Janine Smith

 Jelain Chubb


 Rebecca Elder

 Meagan May

 Benna Vaughn

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